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Adding Color to Concrete 

Color accents can be realized in concrete architecture in a variety of ways – without loss of performance or subsequent cost-intensive operations such as painting, staining or wallpapering. The solution lies in the use of high-quality synthetic iron oxide or chrome oxide pigments.

Coloring Concrete:                                  Processing Instruction and Support

When it comes to imparting color to concrete highly alkaline-stable pigments are necessary. As it relates to coloring concrete, the main type of pigment used in coloring concrete is synthetic iron oxides. These pigments are added to the concrete mix prior to placement so that the color goes all the way through. They can either be left in their original powder form or dispersed into a liquid to create liquid pigments. Thus, coloring is permanent and will not fade over time.

However, whether the concrete has the desired hue when it dries depends not only on the quality and mixture of the color pigments, but also on the actual application. The type of cement used has an influence on the tone and conversely, the reactions of pigments with concrete aggregates must be checked. This process requires expertise in the interaction of concrete technology and the color pigment used.

Bayferrox Pigments Technical ServiceLanxess AG
LANXESS technical experts provide color matching services for architects.

LANXESS offers architects concrete assistance in the realization of projects all over the world. The experts at the in-house technical center have the expertise and technical equipment to support architects and users in all aspects of the use of color pigments in concrete right from the start. 

On the basis of internationally valid standard color samples such as RAL, NCS or FCS as well as conceptual suggestions and ideas from architects, the experts at LANXESS design concrete color samples which can be used on the construction site to achieve the desired results. If necessary, our technical experts supports architects in the implementation of their construction projects.

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