Bayoxide Iron Oxide Pigments for Technical Applications

Pigments for Specialties

For various special applications beyond our core applications, LANXESS provides customized pigment solutions. The Bayoxide® range includes iron and chromium oxides whose technical properties are of primary importance in the end application, rather than their color. Due to their specific chemical or morphological characteristics, these pigments are used for example because of their catalytic or magnetic properties. In addition, our specialty pigments portfolio comprises selected Bayferrox® iron oxide and Colortherm® chromium oxide pigments being used for coloration in specific site applications. Our value approach combines dedicated product solutions with outstanding technical advice – see for yourself.

LANXESS has been an established and well-trusted supplier of high-quality iron- and chromium oxides for more than 90 years. The comprehensive product portfolio includes red, yellow, black and brown iron oxide pigments – many of them have been developed to fulfill very specific requirements in special applications and to generate added value due to their technical and/or coloristic properties.

Especially when used in technical applications, the quality of the pigments is of decisive importance. Our quality control system along the production process lays the foundations for the highest product consistency, which is regularly tested according to recognized standards in our own laboratories.

Exclusively for technical applications, LANXESS  offers the Bayoxide® E product range, based on iron oxides, as well as Bayoxide® C based chromium oxides. With these products, color plays no role, rather their chemical-physical properties such as purity, hardness, reactivity or magnetism is of primary importance.

The coloring of paper or of seeds, on the other hand, places special quality requirements on the pigment used. Our Bayferrox® iron oxides and Colortherm® chromium oxides have proven themselves in practice and enable a reliable and high-quality coloration of a wide range of specific materials.

Learn more about how our pigments bring added value to your specific application.

The LANXESS portfolio includes various services, such as:

  • Testing of physical and chemical oxide properties, e.g. particle size distribution, electron microscopy or element analysis
  • Characterization and analysis of toners, e.g. particle shape, coercivity, remanence and saturation
  • Support for planning and operating of field tests at customer sites

Find out how our pigments improve the properties of your application, make them more cost-efficient and bring higher flexibility to your production. Our technical experts are happy to assist you.

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