Nuclear power plant and cooling towers

Power Generation

Water-steam circuits are at the heart of all thermal power plants that generate electricity from fossil or nuclear fuels. Here, the water and steam serve as an energy carrier and cooling medium.

Around the world, Lewatit® ion exchange resins help to ensure the efficient, safe and reliable operation of these power plants over many years. For example, they are essential for demineralizing the cooling and make-up water and for condensate polishing in the water-steam circuits. They are the only means of preventing scale formation, thus promoting optimal heat transfer on an ongoing basis. In addition, they can effectively reduce or even prevent corrosion in this way. These effects, together with the high regenerability of the resins, ensure long-term, economical power plant operation.

In nuclear power plants, ion exchangers are also important components in the chemical and volume control system (CVCS) that controls and monitors water volumes and dissolved constituents in the cooling circuits. With the aid of selective ion exchangers, both radioactive and non-radioactive ions can be removed from the process water and the waste water flow. The water in the holding basins for spent fuel elements is also passed through ion exchangers for treatment.

For all of these and other applications, LANXESS offers a comprehensive range of ion exchangers that are tailored to specific requirements. Our LewaPlus® design software can model various combinations of ion exchange resins and exchange stages on a made-to-measure basis and analyze their properties. This provides the user with maximum confidence that they will obtain the optimum treatment solution for the relevant feed water and the required process water quality for the given situation. 

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Lewatit® ion exchange resin solutions for industrial water treatment
16:30 - 17:30 CEST | Lewatit® ion exchange resin solutions for industrial water treatment


Business Unit: Liquid Purification Technologies

One of the main applications for ion exchange resins is to treat water in power plants. For the production of boiler feed water and to clean obtained condensate from impurities, different ion exchange resin types and applications are used. In this webinar we will give an overview of important quality points and possible applications as well as some basic info about the use of ion exchange resins in industrial water treatment.

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