Aerial top view recirculation solid contact clarifier sedimentation tank, Water treatment plant.

Municipal Water Treatment

Drinking water supply, waste water treatment, and waste disposal are among the most critical municipal services. Strict demands are imposed on the purity of drinking water as our most important nutrient. Only responsible treatment practices make it possible to maintain a continuous cycle for turning waste water back into water suitable for people, animals, agriculture, and industry. Waste products and other potential pollutants must be stored and disposed of in such a way that they cannot get into the water cycle. However, the latter is not always guaranteed unfortunately, making complex treatment operations necessary.

In the treatment of drinking water and waste water, ion exchange resins benefit from their unique ability to selectively bind ions. Thus special grades of Lewatit® can be used to remove harmful constituents such as iron or manganese from drinking water, as well as traces of pollutants such as arsenic and lead. Even groundwater can be treated efficiently in this way, in which detrimental constituents such as chromate, nitrate, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), surfactants, and perchlorate are bound to ion exchangers. Ionic and non-ionic contaminants, which could otherwise disrupt operations in biological water treatment plants or endanger the environment, can be removed from waste water just as efficiently.

In addition to ion exchangers, LANXESS offers inorganic adsorbers that can be used in municipal drinking water and waste water treatment. The Bayoxide® range comprises technical iron oxide adsorbers in granular form. The product variants are based on defined crystalline α-ferric oxide hydroxide structures and are particularly suitable for removing arsenic and phosphate from drinking water or waste water, but can also remove other metal ions and oxyanions. Bayoxide® products are used in a continuous fixed bed process in which the contaminated water is selectively purified. As a result, this technology can be integrated in existing facilities simply and economically.

For these and other applications, LANXESS offers a comprehensive range of special ion exchange resins and inorganic adsorbers that are tailored to specific requirements.

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