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Our Liquid Purification Technologies business unit is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ion exchange resins. Its products are used in many industries – e.g. in energy generation, the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry, municipal water treatment, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the chemical and petrochemical industries, mining, and metallurgy, as well as in the production of food and beverages, to name just a few. 

Our business unit in numbers

~ 470
Production Sites
~ 160

Main brands

  • Lewatit®
  • Bayoxide®
  • LewaPlus®


Our Lewatit® ion exchange resins are used in the treatment of process and waste water in a variety of industries. In addition, special Lewatit® products aid the reliable and efficient production of ultra-pure water, which is needed in microelectronics in particular.

Ion exchange resins also remove undesirable substances from groundwater in order to turn it into drinking water. Moreover, they are an established and indispensable component in the food and beverage industry. For example, in this sphere it would hardly be possible to produce crystal and liquid sugar economically on an industrial scale without special types of Lewatit®. Similarly, ion exchangers for the final polishing of nickel and cobalt concentrates are used to produce high-purity cobalt and nickel. These metals are constituent parts of active materials for cell cathodes of lithium-ion batteries. Lewatit® ion exchange resins and adsorbers are also in widespread use in the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries. Here they help in the treatment and cleaning of products obtained from biomass by providing support with extraction, adsorption and chromatography or through their use in demineralization and neutralization.

The principle of ion exchange has also found a wide variety of applications in the household. When used in water filter pitchers, Lewatit® products remove carbonate hardness, because many people much prefer the taste of tea and coffee made with soft drinking water.

Ion exchange resins are also used in main water circuits, where they soften drinking water and protect household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers against calcification.

Watch the Lewatit video Christmas biscuits on a plate


Thanks to LANXESS Lewatit® ion exchange resins Christmas cookies get its typical taste.


Arsenic pollution is one of the most dangerous forms of drinking water contamination. In their decades of use all around the world, iron oxide adsorbers from LANXESS have proven a reliable means of removing arsenic from drinking and waste water. The core of the Bayoxide system is a solid bed of iron oxide beads. The beads have finely structured surfaces that adsorb pollutants when contaminated water flows over them. These beads are very stable in water and do not disintegrate. 


Our LewaPlus® software, which was developed in house and is continuously expanded, enables the planning and design of water treatment plants from a wide range of system configurations. Here, LewaPlus® not only offers the possibility of treating one flow after another, but also enables the development of complex treatment systems (two-dimensional) with different technologies.

How you benefit

We have more than 80 years of experience in water treatment as well as outstanding technical expertise. Thanks to a global sales network, we have a worldwide presence and offer you comprehensive technical advice when it comes to designing your systems and choosing the right products. Our products are manufactured all over the world in accordance with German standards and are certified by numerous international organizations.



The specialty chemicals company LANXESS offers ion exchangers for wet-chemical procedures in the electronics industry – including versions for producing ultra-pure water, an indispensable ingredient in the processing of wafers or the complex procedures involved in photolithography in the production of microelectronics and nanoelectronics.

Not just pure, but ultra-pure

September 21, 2021
World ocean day, saving water, environmental protection, sustainable ecological ecosystems concept with green earth drop on woman's hands on sea background: Element of this image furnished by NASA

Keeping it clean!

March 19, 2021
LANXESS Virtual Days EMEA 2021

LANXESS to hold Virtual Days EMEA

March 05, 2021

LANXESS completes sale of membrane business to SUEZ

January 04, 2021
Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is extending its portfolio of specialty products in the consumer care segment to include the new Lewatit PH 1074 HEP. In addition to the decolorization of fermentation broths and sugar, it is particularly suited to the purification and intermediate storage of heparin.

LANXESS extends product portfolio with new ion exchange resins for heparin production and sugar decolorization

December 07, 2020


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