Material Protection Products

Protecting material

Material protection, characterized by a wide variety of protection requirements and different regulations for a variety of materials, is a complex field of work. The Material Protection Products business unit has developed a wide range of active ingredients, preservatives, and disinfectants to fully satisfy customers’ needs.

Our high-quality product portfolio is complemented by objective and competent on-site consulting at the customer’s premises or through our laboratories, registration support, and project-related research and development.

Main brands and products


The range of products is versatile. From cold sterilization for beverages to products for stall hygiene, surface disinfection to wood and industrial  preservation – the portfolio includes protection products for all areas of production and everyday life.

  • Preventol®: active ingredients and biocidal formulations for in-can preservation, dry-film protection, disinfectants, and wood preservation products
  • Velcorin®: cold sterilization technology for many non-alcoholic beverages, wines, and ciders
  • NagardoTM: natural preservation for many non-alcoholic beverages
  • VirkonTM: Science-based biocidal technologies for animal health biosecurity
  • OxoneTM: potassium monopersulfate for various industrial and consumer applications, e.g. for pool care, and in the electronics industry
  • Biochek®: active ingredients and biocidal formulations for in-can preservation and preservation of plastics
  • Sporgard®, Azotech®, and Metasol®: fungicides for the construction, paper, paint, and adhesives industries
  • Evipol® and Xamox®: active ingredients for wood preservation
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