Impact Assessment

Impact Valuation: The impact of our business activities on society

The term "Impact Valuation" is based on the idea that a company’s financial results alone do not sufficiently reflect the benefits and costs of business to society. Therefore, the calculation must go beyond the pure business results, and should include the societal costs and benefits. These results  will show the true contribution of the company to society - the so-called "societal result".

Through impact assessment, we can increase our competitiveness and create value for LANXESS and society.

Impact assessment helps us make better management decisions in a variety of areas, including human, natural and financial resources. It also helps us understand our impact on societal challenges, as formulated in the Sustainable Development Goals.

For LANXESS, sustainable business success  is the creation of value in all dimensions of sustainability - economically, ecologically and socially. This attitude is also reflected in the four impact categories we have created and the associated impact factors. For each impact factor, we have assessed and monetized the resulting effects on the basis of recognized theoretical principles. We describe these fundamentals in our methodology chart, which you can view by clicking below.
The general overview shows the direct impacts of the main LANXESS activities, which can be reliably quantified. We create considerable economic, socio-economic and social value, and we are continuously striving to reduce the environmental impact from our operations. The "Gross Value Added After Impact" (GVAAI) is the LANXESS measurement indicator for the extent of our overall contribution to society.

Sebastian Röhrig

Head of Corporate Responsibility

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