Advanced Industrial Intermediates

High-quality basic and fine chemicals enable innovative products

High-tech end products require optimized precursors – and the addition of the necessary production additives at the right moment. The Advanced Industrial Intermediates business unit (BU AII) produces high-quality basic and fine chemicals for further processing worldwide. It is divided into five business lines and offers a broad product portfolio – with a wide range of applications.

Main brands and products

  • Anhydrite: a calcium sulfate binder for conventionally laid calcium sulfate screeds as well as for calcium sulfate flow screeds
  • Axion® series: organometallic products with numerous applications such as polymerization cocatalysts, glass coating, pharmaceutical production, high-purity organometallic intermediates for the semiconductor industry
  • Baynox®/Baynox® Plus: increases the shelf life of biodiesel by preventing premature oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid esters
  • Flame retardants for polymers (Bayowet® C4)
  • DiphylDT®: organic heat transfer media
  • Vulkacit®: accelerator during vulcanization
  • Vulkanox® (BHT, BKF): antioxidants to stabilize organic compounds prior to oxidation by oxygen; areas of application are: elastomers, lattices, polyether polyols, mineral oils, fuels, adhesives, paints, printing inks, aliphatic and cyclic ethers, vegetable oils, and plastics
  • Vulkanox®: antioxidants for rubbers

Further information



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