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Polymer Additives

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Our Polymer Additives business unit is one of the world's leading manufacturers of bromine, bromine derivatives and phosphorus chemicals. These serve as building blocks for the production of complex molecules. Application examples include flame retardants, oil production, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, butyl rubber, polymers and biocides, paints & coatings, and colorants for plastics or for inkjet printing inks.

Our product portfolio includes a large variety of other polymer additives such as plasticizers, hydrolysis stabilizers, and also solutions for water treatment.

Our business unit in numbers

Most important brands

  • Emerald Innovation® and Firemaster®
  • Disflamoll® and Levagard®
  • Mesamoll®, K-FLEX® and Ultramoll®
  • Macrolex® and Levanyl®
Additives are the unsung heroes of the chemical industry - But how exactly do these ingredients change the properties of products?

Flame retardants

With brominated and phosphorus-based solutions, LANXESS offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of organic flame retardants in the world. Our newly developed polymeric and reactive flame retardants can reduce the release of additives from the polymers, thus contributing to environmental and health protection without compromising fire safety.

Due to their high efficiency brominated flame retardants are frequently used in the construction and electronics industries.

In addition to highly efficient fire protection, phosphorus-based flame retardants offer further advantages such as good processability and high elasticity in PU and PVC systems.
These additives are used in the manufacture of flame-retardant articles, including insulation, cables, printed circuit boards, foils, tarpaulins, floor coverings, seat covers, and fire protection applications.

Emerald Innovation™, Firemaster®, Levagard®, Disflamoll®, Reofos®


Flame retardants from LANXESS delay the spread of fire in vehicles - and put criminals in risky situations.


Plasticizers ensure elasticity and flexibility of polymer materials. But this is not their only benefit. Plasticizers also optimize, for example, the processing properties of polymer materials, which leads to improved product quality or even new properties. The choice of plasticizers depends on the demand placed on the finished product. These can include greater softness, elasticity, adhesion, flame retardant properties or resistance to chemicals, weathering and migration.

Products: Adimoll®, Baymod®, Kalama® Vitroflex®, K-FLEX®*, Mesamoll®, Modulast®, Triacetin, Ultramoll®, Unimoll®, Uniplex


*K-FLEX® is a registered trademark of Emerald Kalama Chemical for its line of Non-phtalate Plasticizers and Coalescents. K-FLEX® is also a registered trademark of King Industries, Inc. for its line of Polyester and Urethane Polyols and Resin Modifiers.



The color is always in focus at Colorant Additives – whether in paints for indoor and outdoor use, electrical and household appliance housing, PET bottles, cosmetic containers, or inkjet printing inks. Due to their excellent technical properties, the products are used in the most sensitive applications.

Outstanding product quality, long-standing technical expertise and the fulfillment of wide-ranging regulatory requirements are the critical qualification standards of the Colorant Additives product range. Customers all over the world use the high-quality colorants in a multitude of applications, from LCD displays to stationery inks.

Products: Bayfast®, Bayplast®, Bayscript®, Ceres®, Levanox®, Levanyl®, Levascreen®, Macrolex®, Solfort®


Hydrolises Stabilizers

Polymers that are produced by polycondensation generally display a weakness when attacked by water or moisture. Our Stabaxol® hydrolysis stabilizers are suited to improve the hydrolysis resistance of polycondensates such as PET, PBT, PU, TPU and PA to expand their range of applications.

Product: Stabaxol®


Water treatment chemicals

Whenever scale inhibition in water circuits or wastewater treatment are required, LANXESS products are used to stabilize the water hardness, control corrosion and disperse solids effectively. Specialties of LANXESS are used in industrial processes such as traditional water treatment circuits, once-through cooling processes as well as in surface cleaners, personal care products and detergents for private use.

Products: Bayhibit®, Baypure®, Epiphos®, Mersolat®


Bromine and phosphorus performance products

Bromine, bromine derivatives and phosphorus specialties serve as building blocks for developing and engineering highly complex organic molecules.
Bromine, brominated intermediates and phosphorus chemicals are utilized in many applications including flame retardants, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, high performance rubber, polymers and biocides.

Products: Baysolvex®, Tri- and Dibutyl phosphates, phosphorus chlorides, phosphites, phosphorus oxides and polyphosphoric acids


Your benefit 

Polymer Additives is a global player with production facilities and sales and service organizations in all regions of the world. 

Proximity to the customer enables intensive cooperation. New products and solutions are constantly being developed - tailored to the individual needs of customers. 

Our customers also benefit from our global purchasing network, which ensures sustainable access to the required raw materials, not least through our backward integration.


Watch the video Modern living room interior

Disflamoll®, Reofos® und Levagard®

LANXESS is able to delay the development of fire through the flame retardants Disflamoll®, Reofos® and Levagard®.
Watch the video Interior of a modern luxury car

Disflamoll® and Levagard®

Our products ensure vehicles don’t burst into flames. Disflamoll® and Levagard® help to prevent fire from spreading in the car’s interior.

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Polymer Additives

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