Responsibility Overview

In an open and constructive exchange with our stakeholders, we promote mutual understanding and trust and identify sustainability issues that are important to our environment and to us.
We focus on seven key sustainability issues - in order to systematically prioritize areas for action and effectively deploy resources.
Behind our sustainability goals is the ambition to create value for the company, stakeholders and society through our operating activities.


We want to play an active role in the transformation of the economy and global value chains and thus promote the shift toward a more sustainable world. To this end, we are constantly developing our organizational structures and management tools - always with the aim of making the best possible use of human, natural and financial resources in the interests of sustainable development. In this way, we create measurable benefits for companies and society. 

Responsibility News


LANXESS wants to increase number of women in management


Sustainable brine treatment “down under”

Chlor-Alkali brine purification site at Cogee Chemicals in Lytton, Australia.

LANXESS once again recognized by CDP as a global leader in climate protection

Stamp for CDP Climate A List

Responsibility Stories

Plant growing on LANXESS Scopeblue Durethan granules

Durethan® Scopeblue: the premium sustainable polyamide

October 13, 2021
Accelerate word on a speedometer for gaining speed in a race or competition where the quickest competitor wins the game

Renewable energies

September 09, 2021

Digitalization as a gamechanger in climate protection

July 13, 2021

A step into the future

July 12, 2021
Photo of Andreas Kuhlmann, German Energy Agency

Climate neutrality: Targets are good, but planning makes them even better

March 24, 2021

Our Focus Topics

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Resilient sourcing

Our value chains are based on a diverse, sustainable raw material portfolio. We work with our suppliers and relevant stakeholders to improve working and environmental conditions in global supply chains
More information DuBay Polymer in Hamm-Uentrop is a joint venture between LANXESS and DuPont. It produces polybutylene terephtalate (PBT), a base material for high-performance plastics. It is used, for example, in the automotive industry, in the electrical and electronics industry, in mechanical engineering, the chemicals industry and in apparatus engineering.

Safe and sustainable sites

LANXESS produces at competitive and sustainable chemical sites. To achieve this, continuous process improvements and investments are the foundation of our success. We care about the neighborhood at our sites.
More information Beautiful blue sky background,

Climate action and energy efficiency

For LANXESS, climate protection based on energy efficiency is an important contribution to society and a key to long-term economic performance.
More information Produktion_Chemie_Liyang.jpg

Energized employees and performing teams

We create a working environment in which our employees are committed and have a high impact. We do our part to maintain the health of our employees. Our goal is to be an attractive employer and to develop people's potential throughout their working lives.
More information The colour orange is used in electric vehicles to identify live components. LANXESS offers a wide range of orange-colored, color-stable polyamide and polybutylene terephthalate compounds for such high-voltage applications.

Sustainable product portfolio

Our products are manufactured and marketed in a way that does not pose a risk to people or the environment. We systematically evaluate sustainability criteria are also applied in the development of products and applications.
More information F&E_Chemie_Liyang_01.jpg

Business driven innovation

We drive process-, product-, application- and business model-driven innovation for and with our customers and suppliers. We support our customers in making their business sustainable.
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Valuing customer relations

Our products are manufactured and marketed in such a way that they do not pose a risk to people or the environment. We systematically evaluate sustainability criteria. These are also applied in the development of products and applications.
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Good Corporate Governance

Adequate values, guidelines for action and organizational structures enable our employees to act responsibly in their daily work. Such "good corporate governance" as an entrepreneurial success factor is evident at LANXESS.


Further Information

Climate Neutral 2040

The LANXESS climate strategy.
Further Information

Sustainable Development Goals

LANXESS supports Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.
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Circular Economy

Supporting the transformation of society toward a sustainable, resource-efficient and carbon-neutral economy.

Sebastian Röhrig

Head of Corporate Responsibility

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