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Group Initiative for e-mobility

LANXESS offers a broad product portfolio for electric mobility. From high-performance plastics and flame retardants to specialty chemicals for battery systems - innovation from a single source.
New Mobility - The way into the future

E-mobility is one possible way to contribute to a more sustainable future. Finding solutions to deliver environment-friendly, integrated, and sometimes even automated travel on demand for new mobility is a challenge that affects us all. LANXESS is therefore combining its business activities in this area  to support a group wide initiative for e-mobility.

E-mobility has been an important growth area and a focus topic for new product developments for LANXESS for several years. The High Performance Materials business unit develops customized high-performance plastics for the automotive industry and is committed to new forms of mobility. Engineering plastics Durethan®, Pocan® and Tepex® are used for lightweight components such as front ends, brake pedals and battery housings.

Flame retardant additives including Disflamoll® and Levagard® from the Polymer Additives Business Unit are also used in the automotive industry for floor coverings and seats.

Our innovation projects and activities focus on the infrastructure of electro-mobility, such as

  • charging columns,
  • sensors for autonomous driving,
  • displays and
  • control units.

As a specialty chemicals manufacturer, we offer a broad product portfolio for these applications, without modern battery systems would not be effective. These include phosphorus chemicals, hydrofluoric acid and flame retardants.

At our site in El Dorado, United States, we are working with our partner Standard Lithium to produce lithium, the central component of lithium-ion batteries. Just recently, we commissioned a pilot plant in which battery-grade lithium is extracted from brine produced after the bromine has been taken out of the brine.  


Autonomous Driving AdobeStock_206005627.jpeg

LANXESSinside Autonomous Driving

Our polyamides and polyesters are used for a variety of applications in vehicles, for example for housings of sensor or displays.
Battery Systems

LANXESSinside Battery Systems

Pocan® can be used as a housing material for battery management systems. It is already used in high-voltage battery systems in small cars.
Electric Vehicles Modern electric car at home to recharge your batteries

LANXESSinside Electric Vehicles

High-Tech thermoplastics such as Durethan® and Pocan® are suitable for a wide range of applications in hybrid or purely electric vehicles.


Plant growing on LANXESS Scopeblue Durethan granules

LANXESS launches sustainable high-performance plastic

October 13, 2021
Lightweight load compartment well, luxury sedans, Tepex, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler

Lightweight load compartment well for luxury sedans

October 08, 2021

LANXESS at the international trade fair for plastics processing Fakuma 2021

October 07, 2021
Tepex with natuaral fibers

Pretty biological

October 06, 2021
Frontend Carrier Geely

New Geely front end carrier to use innovative lightweight solution from LANXESS

September 29, 2021
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