Product Portfolio Assessment

Analysis of our product portfolio from a sustainability perspective

Effective sustainable action requires that we know the effects of our entrepreneurial activities as precisely as possible. We have created a strategic management tool with a specially-developed evaluation system that allows us to systematically evaluate and improve the sustainability performance of our product portfolio with consideration for the economic, ecological and social impacts.

The continuously optimized system analyzes the effects and benefits of our products on the basis of criteria that we consider relevant for LANXESS and society as a whole.

Criteria for our product portfolio analysis_E_groß.png
Based on this catalogue of criteria, we annually evaluate our entire product portfolio - with subsequent review by an internal committee of experts. The results show us which of our products meet the defined sustainability requirements and contribute to solving key global sustainability challenges.
Evaluation processes Graphic of the annual report 2020

Sebastian Röhrig

Head of Corporate Responsibility

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